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by Akumbu Uche

I grew up in a family where perfumes figure prominently in family ritual and celebratory occasions like Christmas and birthdays are incomplete without some kind of fragrance given as a gift. (Maybe we’re emulating the Magi)

Some of us have signature scents suggestive of our personalities and this inspired me to create the following labels and assign specific scents to them; feel free to interpret as creatively as you wish.

Of course things like body chemistry, personal preferences and wallet size play an important role in choosing what scent to wear but let’s have a fash mag moment here, shall we? 😉



The Beat (edp*) by Burberry – This edgy fragrance is a funky blend of white musk, cedar, tea, hyacinth and tangerine. An energizing burst of pink pepper makes it spicy and yet it is incredibly cool. The hotter it gets, the sweeter it becomes. Perfect for crowded lecture halls and the party scene.


Miss Independent

The One (edp) by Dolce & Gabbana – Vanilla based perfumes can often be overpowering but this one is quiet and has a clean feel, due perhaps to the softening effect of vetiver. A watery blend of jasmine, lily, plum and peach give it a refreshingly delicate and chic quality. Elegant and easy, this is ideal for a woman comfortable in her own skin.


Yummy Mummy

Tresor (edp) by Lancôme – I associate this 90s classic with motherhood probably because it was once my own mum’s favourite; its smell conjures up the image of tasty pastries with caramel topping. In actuality, it is a very warm and romantic combination of rose, apricot, amber, vanilla, musk, sandalwood, peach and pineapple. Tender and comforting.


The Queen

Chanel No. 5 (edt) – Different scent groups are well represented and blended in here. Ylang-ylang, lemon, civet, oak moss plus an injection of aldehydes are just a few of the many interesting notes on roll call. If you think you have this one’s precise scent pinned down, a surprise awaits you. It has mysterious and sophisticated written all over it.


*edp – eau de parfum; edt – eau de toilette


6 thoughts on “A SCENT FOR EVERY WOMAN

  1. I wish my mother wore Tresor, so that I could have seen some of the “tasty pastries with carmel topping” that you must have enjoyed. Haha
    Have you read or watched ‘Perfume’. Having seen the wonderful movie, and having the book on my to-read list, I recommend this gem to all. The attentiveness to the minutest subtleties which is needed in the mere appreciation (talk less of the making) of fragrances is fascinating. I wonder what it would be like to encounter everyone and everything with such attention.

    ps – “eau de toilette” translates directly as ‘toilet water’, right? How come, for this is not something I can imagine spraying on myself. What exactly is the difference between edt and edp?

    1. Eaux de parfum are usually stronger smelling and longer lasting than eaux de toilette.
      In French, ‘toilette’ is a long process, from bathing to grooming to dressing up.
      Rose oil is one of the oldest perfume sources and the Ancient Romans bathed in rose water (a by-product of rose oil).
      Throughout the ages, rose water has been used as a skin care product.
      I think this is where the name originates from.

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