Relationships · Religion


by Akumbu Uche

I don’t think Nigerians on the whole are guilty of religious intolerance.

If we were, we wouldn’t eat each other’s Sallah meat and Christmas chin-chin and I have never seen anyone disregard the respite from work their neighbour’s religious holidays gave them.



  1. I believe religious intolerance is growing in Nigeria, extremism among both Christians and Muslims is on the rise. When I was younger growing up, it was unheard of to reject someones Sallah meat or Christmas chin chin but I have sadly witnessed this several times when I’m in Nigeria as an adult. Our neighbours do not accept Sallah meat from us and no, we’re not offered Christmas chin chin [anymore]. I also know Muslims who have stopped offering Sallah food, their reasoning is what is the point in offering someone food when they spend all the other days of the year insulting and ridiculing Islam?

    I’m just reminded of reactions to Funke Akindele marrying a Muslim man and how she had to come out to reassure the Nigerian masses that she is “still in Christ”. I find this so disturbing because it is not like Funke is the first Christian woman to marry a Muslim man in Nigeria. And it is not like inter-religious marriages have not been taking place in Nigeria for decades if not centuries.

    So to me, Nigerians are very very very guilty of religious intolerance. I wish it wasn’t so but I guess I’m sensitive in noticing these things.

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