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by Akumbu Uche

For some time now, I have been longing to try out some yellow nail polish so when I saw some eye-catching City Colors polishes selling for N150 at Central Supermarket, Uyo (Oron Road), I did not hesitate to snap up one of the custardy shades on sale.

I couldn’t (I still can’t) understand why this brand does not subtitle its products but it didn’t stop me from falling for the cubic shape of the bottle and its solid black cap, reminiscent of the Chanel Le Vernis range.

A steal over a splurge any day.

Oops! I forgot I was supposed to buy some real custard.

More disheartening, when I applied it, the yellow was watery and too sheer for my liking; after two coats I could still see my nails!

I did some improvising and was pleased to discover that a coat of glitter – Revlon Soft Sandssaved my nails from being too ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’.

Nail polish
Revlon (left) to the rescue

Now if only I could sell this combination, I would call it Midas Touch.

My hands
Gold is the new black

Until then, try it out for yourself.



4 thoughts on “YELLOW YELLOW

  1. Love the color on your nails. Guess its the rescued version. Bring it on… You know what I mean……wink. But frankly I feel you. Had an encounter with a L’oreal sea green color but in this case, it left my nail stained. Just have to keep trying and experimenting.

  2. I was misled at first glance thinking this would be on Kaine Agary’s famed novel. Took two seconds to realise my mistake. Wasn’t bad reading though… You have a way of infusing humour into these pieces of yours…is it my early morning eye? Is it the posts read so far? Is it you, deliberately [or accidentally]?
    But on this post now, come on, how would you buy at 150 and expect 5,000’s worth?
    Guys can be something else. You would be shocked [or not] to note that most guys would concentrate on the bed sheet in the second picture than the nails! Oh well… well done! May better in the mould of Revlons et al keep coming to the rescue. Up and away!!

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