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by Akumbu Uche

Every female fashionista worth her salt knows that you can’t succeed in fashion without a boyfriend.

Let’s start with the supermodels, shall we?

Did you have any inkling as to who Miranda Kerr was before she became Mrs. Orlando Bloom? How about Bar Refaeli and Erin Heatherton before their romances with Leonardo DiCaprio? I didn’t think so.

Before American designer Rachel Roy became one of Michelle Obama’s favourite designers, she interned at then boyfriend Damon Dash’s fashion line, Rocawear.

In a 2011 interview I conducted with Akpos Okudu, the Port Harcourt-based designer, told me she made the switch from a Blogspot account to a proper website with the aid of her boyfriend. Max Azria’s name may be appended to the BCBG brand, but his wife, Lubov is a key member on his design team.

And it’s not just the world of haute couture.

Besides curating trendsetting fashion blogs, what else do the likes of Ashley Madekwe (Ring My Bell), Betty Autier (Le Blog de Betty) and Emily Schuman (Cupcakes & Cashmere) have in common?

Supportive partners who lovingly help them out with their photo shoots.

Hey, I can hear you say, Garance Doré takes all her photos herself. Yes, but mind you, it was boyfriend Scott Schuman who gifted her that Canon camera she swears by.

From time to time, Garance makes appearances on The Sartorialist outfitted in the street photographer’s jacket or his shorts. This is very much in line with the fashion dictum that masculine clothes can be worn by women as long as they are prefixed by the word ‘boyfriend’. Hence, the proliferation of the boyfriend jeans, the boyfriend blazer, the boyfriend shirt and the boyfriend watch.

Remember when pop singer Avril Lavigne instituted men’s neckties? These days I’m beginning to see men’s boots and waistcoats paired with dresses so I won’t be surprised if the boyfriend briefs follow suit.

But wait, before I pursue a career forecasting fashion trends, I need to find me a boyfriend. Fast!


3 thoughts on “THE BOYFRIEND ISSUE

  1. wow, you know so much about these people. I checked out the designers and blogs that you cited – all really cool! You don’t need a boyfriend, but just people that are devoted to and supportive of you. The advantage of a boyfriend is that everything is rolled into one person, and they – by definition – have to care.
    Ps – about the writing – the fourth paragraph was a bit confusing, especially the second paragraph, where you use the pronoun ‘her’. Before getting to the part where you actually say who you are talking about, I was very impressed thinking: Akumbu interviewed Rachel Roy?

  2. Interesting one here. I probably share this plenty plenty *wink!
    Your using several people to illustrate really got my attention. I liked the way you brought people from different sides and simply fused them into one fluid tale… Gosh! Am I beginning to sound like Spam?!!
    Oh well, nice write Akumbu! Any luck yet? 😉

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