*Trigger alert

Today’s word is abuse. Basically, it means the cruel and violent treatment of a person or animal. Synonyms: mistreatment and maltreatment.

Last weekend, I was speaking with a family member and he was reluctant to accept that child abuse exists, especially here in Nigeria.

My main argument was that while it may not always be intentional, abuse – be it physical, verbal, emotional, psychological and sexual –  is a reality and the sooner we start to acknowledge these things, the better.

**The following video illustrates my point exactly but be warned, it has graphic elements. 



Today’s word is arriviste – ‘a person who is trying to move into a higher class in society’; ‘a person who is unscrupulously ambitious’.

It sounds like it belongs to an Edith Wharton novel and I keep coming across it online whenever a certain political family is discussed. It’s a rather unflattering description but doesn’t it cast the user in an unfavourable light as well?

Don’t be a snob.




When I decided to retell the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, I thought writing a children’s book would be easy.  Boy, was I wrong.

Little did I know that the road ahead would involve hundreds of paper cuts and thousands of finger blisters.

But my self-delusion resulted in this book (and another*) so I guess you could say it worked.


There are no physical copies but you can download on your mobile phone/tablet.

Get it on the Okadabooks store  while stocks last. 😉 Hehe. 

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*I’m currently shopping for publishers for my 2nd children’s book.



Lately, I’ve become interested in Swedish culture and I’m convinced I must have been Swedish or at least lived in Sweden in one of my past lives.

I’m not consciously learning Swedish, but when you spend time on a few Swedish (bilingual) blogs, it’s not hard to pick up a bit of the language. So today’s word is “Puss” and it’s not the one in boots. It translates as “kiss” in English and it’s usually used to end text messages and blog posts.

Interestingly, “kiss” also exists in Swedish and it means “pee” in English. Languages are fun right?

Until next week, puss puss 😉